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"...15+ years in this business..."


I am a TV News Producer who strives to be a leader in my market, I aim to produce the highest quality stories and give my viewers news which matters to them and their community.  I am not like some producers. I am not a show “stacker” or show “filler."  I do my best to craft newscasts which are relevant, informative, entertaining as well as interactive.


In my 15+ years in this business, I have developed a news philosophy:

• Insist on fair and balanced coverage of all perspectives.

• Focus on meaningful stories which have an impact on our viewers' lives.

• Be sure each story answers the question for the viewer “why should I care?”

• In the news world today, the viewers need an open line of communication back to the reporters and producers. So I make sure many of our stories are on the web and social media.

• Include stories which show the positive aspects of the community, as well as those which expose the negatives.

• Expect to be held accountable for every aspect of the newscast.


Sticking to my news philosophy has helped me produce number one rated newscasts in the markets where I have worked.

I feel confident you are searching for someone with my style and tenacity.  Below you will find my resume with the details of my experience. If you think we have common philosophies, please contact me. I will provide strong personal and professional references.


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B Block of the 6am newscast. 

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